OK folks, after a hiatus, Elm Books is jumping back into the anthology game! We’re putting together an anthology of cozy mystery stories.
The short of it:             2K-10K words;
                                          Deadline Jan. 1 2017
                                          Payment = share of royalties. 
The long of it:
Imagine yourself in your favorite chair. There’s a cat in your lap, a fire in the fireplace, and on the little table at your elbow, your favorite hot drink. The book in your hand is a cozy.
A cozy is a mystery, which, of course, means a tale of crime and intrigue. Often that crime is murder. But although the circumstances surrounding the crime can be ugly, that ugliness—as well as any attendant sex, violence, or cruelty–takes place offstage. Instead, the crime is treated as a puzzle, and the sleuth, a charming amateur, is the hero.
Many cozies take place in small, pleasant towns. Many have female sleuths. Quite a few are organized around themes, such as crafts, hobbies, food, or pets. If your mystery has a recipe or a crime-solving ferret, it’s a cozy, and we’d like to see it.
A few rules:
-Plot must center on a crime and its solution
-Amateur sleuth
-No graphic sex, violence, cruelty, or strong language (including slurs and epithets)
-Previously unpublished authors welcome
-Writers from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to submit
And, there must be a cupcake somewhere in the story.
What this means is up to you. Does the main character own a cupcake shop? Is the cupcake a murder weapon? Is the victim’s nickname “cupcake”? Does the villain leave a trail of cupcake crumbs wherever they go?
Use your imagination, and send us your best.

If you’d like to see the kind of thing we like, check out our anthologies at the Elm Books website