Ira Adler's second book, now available!

Ira Adler’s second book, now available!


I am honored and humbled to learn that Turnbull House is a finalist for a Rainbow Award in the category of Gay Historical. If you’re looking for a good read, there’s a list of finalists here. I’ve read many of these books, and can recommend quite a few. Light by ‘Nathan Burgoine and The Ghost Slept Over by Marshall Thornton were two of my favorite reads this year.


Congratulations, Authors!

Congratulations, Authors

Undeath and the Detective, the spooky anthology of supernatural mysteries from Elm Books, has been named a finalist for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards! Thank you, Killer Nashville, and congratulations, authors!

Now available from Obverse Books

Now available from Obverse Books





Now available from Obverse Books: Tales of the Great Detectives, featuring my story, Eliminating the Impossible.

Description from the Publisher’s Website:

The City of the Saved houses every human being who ever lived… but some of its immortal Citizens need more.

For the Remakers, one fiction above all exerts its fascination: a character existing in countless interpretations, many of them now recreated in the flesh and in business together as the Great Detective Agency.

These are their tales. 

In the Agency’s annals, the City’s many Sherlock Holmeses solve the Case of the Pipe Dream, experience the Adventure of the Piltdown Prelate and explore the strangely clichéd Mansion of Doom.  A Watson falls in love; a Moriarty goes missing; and Holmes comes face-to-face with his arch-nemesis, the sinister Dr Conan Doyle…


Death and a Cup of Tea, coming soon from Elm Books

Death and a Cup of Tea, coming soon from Elm Books

Look at this beautiful cover! Death and a Cup of Tea, the newest Elm Books mystery collection, coming soon from Elm Books.

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, three Elm Books authors–Jessamin Gardner, Julianna Comyn, and Yvette Franklin–are finalists for the 2014 Aspen Gold Readers Choice Award, for their stories in my anthology, Fae Love. You can purchase Fae Love and other fine Elm books at the Elm Books website.


Coming in February 2014 from Bold Strokes Books.

Available Now from Bold Strokes Books.


Turnbull House is available now through your favorite retailer. If your favorite retailer happens to be Bold Strokes Books, you can buy a paperback and ebook bundle for a special low price!

Turnbull House has been getting some fantastic reviews. Read what people are saying here:



“Turnbull House is as flawless a historical novel as I’ve ever read.”
The Novel Approach Reviews

“Jess Faraday’s writing style is rich and eloquent, distinctive and dramatic. It draws you in, making you feel a part of the story.”
Mrs. Condit Reads Reviews

“The prose is beautiful as are the character and plot developments. Be sure to add this to your ‘To Be Read’ list.”–Reviews by Amos Lassen

“TURNBULL HOUSE was special. So addicting. I needed to read more. The characters were distinct, sexy, and believable.”–Books A to Z Reviews

Now available through Elm Books: Fae Love, six tales of supernatural love by six talented authors.

Coming soon from Elm Books!

Now Available from Elm Books!

Available now from Elm Books

Available now from Elm Books

Isn’t it pretty? Undeath and the Detective is here, and waiting for you! In paperback and ebook.

Also, Elm Books is proud to announce that we’re reissuing our first two mystery anthologies, Death on a Cold Night and Death and the Detective. Available now in paperback and ebook from Elm Books.

Winner of 2013 GCLS award for non-erotic anthology.  Available now from Bold Strokes Books.

Winner of 2013 GCLS award for non-erotic anthology.
Available now from Bold Strokes Books.

Proud to announce that the BSB anthology Women of the Dark Streets, featuring my story The Trickster Codex has won a Goldie Award! Congratulations to my fellow authors!

What readers are saying about The Left Hand of Justice:

“…fast paced and delightfully dark” (BN customer review)

“a setting that blends the grime of history with a brassy steampunk shine” (BN customer review)

“an exciting book, with attention to historical detail, as well as exciting drama. It’s a worthy second novel, after Lambda shorlisted mystery, the Affair of the Porcelain Dog” (Amazon customer review)

“A really good read for anyone of any gender who enjoys a well written book.” (Goodreads reader review)

“Fast pace and interesting characters kept me glued to the pages until I finished” (Amazon customer review).

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog is now available as an audiobook through Audible is a great service, and if you’ve never tried audiobooks before, why not start with mine =) ?

Listeners say:

“Victorian London comes alive through the eyes of a 19th century outlier.”

“The story is believable and has action, suspense, and mystery. Jess develops the characters, giving them a history, an emotional life, and believable personalities.”

Philip Battley narrated the heck out of this book! He took Jess Faraday’s amazing story and put such an incredible performance behind his reading. Every accent and every tone just burst with verisimilitude.”

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