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I N T R O D U C I N G…

ROSETTA STEIN, graduate philologist and scion of a family of wealthy eccentrics…

BARTHOLOMEW VINCENT, who turned his back on the family fortune to pursue a dream of scholarship…

…thrown together by circumstance, they will unravel the mysteries, legends and hauntings bubbling beneath the scenic views of the California coastline.

Enjoy an excerpt from their first adventure, The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor, available now from BSB and from your favorite e-tailers.


“I didn’t go there looking for a fight,” Vincent said, once the coach began to clatter down Thresher Street.

The loose metal seat springs creaked and swayed beneath them, and the streetlamps they passed cast moving shadows through the carriage window. Rosetta knew better than to ask what he had been looking for. Vincent had gone through enough that evening without having to worry about his baser—and illegal—tastes being exposed.

“Actually, I was going to celebrate. Without boring you with the details, things have been a little rocky at the university recently, but today I thought I’d found a solution. I just wanted a quiet drink and a cigar among friends.”

“Looks like you found enemies instead. What…I mean who were those…those…”

“Things. They were things.”

“They looked human enough from the neck down,” Rosetta said.

“Well, I saw them from the neck up at a very close distance, and I can tell you, they weren’t human, no matter what you want to believe.”


Ira Adler’s third adventure, Fool’s Gold, is available now from BSB and all your favorite booksellers. Read what reviewers have to say.

“It’s a powerful story, full of exquisite detail and characterization. It has plots within plots, and enough twists and turns that just events just hit me head on. What starts out as a sedate English Victorian mystery ends up a Wild West adventure straight from a boys own novel. It has cowboys and Pullman trains (I loved those) and I really felt I was along for the ride, like I was alongside Ira all the way.”  — Josie Goodreads for Prism Book Alliance

Behold the men of Fool's Gold: Calvin Sutter, Ira Adler, and Tim Lazarus. Fool's Gold is  available now from BSB and your favorite booksellers.
Behold the men of Fool’s Gold: Calvin Sutter, Ira Adler, and Tim Lazarus. Fool’s Gold is available now from BSB and your favorite booksellers.

“There’s a reason The Affair of the Porcelain Dog and Turnbull House both made my list of their respective years’ Best Books. Fool’s Gold will make it a three-peat in 2015. This series is full-immersion historical fiction. In a word: Outstanding.” –Lisa Horan for The Novel Approach