The Fiend in the Fog

The Fiend in the Fog is the eighth book I’ve read by Jess Faraday, and she’s such a gripping storyteller (that number shouldn’t be as low as it is, really). The ambiance, the way she grounds readers in the setting, and, in this case, capitalizing on the fascination with the occult in the Victorian era all work together to offer readers a fantastical story steeped in legend and lore. Every bit as impressive is that this story is told from multiple points of view, by a cast of diverse characters whose lives become intertwined around the entity that’s attacking some people while inexplicably leaving others unharmed, which makes it read almost like a play/movie with scenes being recounted from various points of view, all of which lead up, eventually, to the cast banding together to unravel the mystery. (The Novel Approach Reviews)

A Study in Spectres

A Study in Spectres is a welcome new book in a welcome new series from an author who knows how to weave a thoroughly intriguing story and fill it with interesting and endearing characters. Consider my appetite whetted and my anticipation geared up for book number two. (The Novel Approach Reviews)

A Case of Curses

Each of the cases, first in The Haunting of Comiston House and the next in the above mentioned Star-Crossed Lovers, offers readers various aspects of what could be strange and unusual occurrences were it not for the pragmatic and tenacious Simon. Once again, the cases complement the time period in which they’re set, and the time period complements the romantic elements of the series in a way that begets empathy and adoration for the stalwart Constable Pearce. (The Novel Approach Reviews)

Sanguine Solutions

Jess Faraday is so accomplished at writing star-crossed lovers and yet not leaving readers feeling as if we’ve missed out on a romantic element in her stories. In this case, it just happens to be a poignant tone which endeared Simon to me all the more. (The Novel Approach Reviews)

Arcane Adversaries

There is a bittersweet note to the final novella of the collection, one in which Simon must confront his feelings and discern the difference between loving someone and being in love with him. He does so with no small amount of regret for what might have been, and I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t touched by the resolving of his conflict. (The Novel Approach Reviews)

The Kissing Gate in Blades of Justice

I thought this story was great, the best of the three actually, even if they all carry a similar theme. It was really suspenseful and I could not figure out the ending although by the end it became quite clear. I would be delighted to read more books with Elizabeth Bell as the investigator if the writer chooses to write them.

I was previously recommended (and bought) Jess Faraday’s books and now I am going to move those books to the top of my reading queue. —Dear Author

The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor

“Faraday is a brilliant wordsmith who knows her way around the crafting of historical fiction, understanding where the balance exists between too much detail and not enough, firmly placing her readers in the time and place her stories are set without bogging down the flow of the storyline. What I hadn’t experienced yet from this author, in my reading of her work, is the paranormal element she’s woven into this novella, and I must say it’s just earned her a spot on my list of favorite historical paranormal fiction authors.”  — The Novel Approach

Fool’s Gold

“Jess Faraday’s storytelling skills are flawless. From creating rich and multi-layered characters to texturing each layer of plot so it grounds the reader in the time and place of the novels, these books are not a lesson in Victorian Era or Old West history. They are each detailed yet subtle, every scene perfection, written with a finesse that draws you into the story and captivates and captures the imagination. There’s a reason The Affair of the Porcelain Dog and Turnbull House both made my list of their respective years’ Best Books. Fool’s Gold will make it a three-peat in 2015. This series is full-immersion historical fiction. In a word: Outstanding.” —The Novel Approach

“The plot, while complex and full of intrigue, is easy to follow, full of moments of clarity. It’s told from Ira’s point of view, we get to see everything through his eyes, and that works perfectly. The historical detail shines through… Fool’s Gold is a mystery, a superbly written gay mystery and it’s perfect for anyone who likes something a bit different, who wants an adventure.” —Prism Book Alliance

Turnbull House 

Overall, while managing to be a cracking good mystery, this book is at the core about “doing the right thing” when it’s not obvious what that thing is, and the ever-present potential for redemption…This series is really, really worth your time.––Mrs. Rayman Reads

It was the power struggle between Ira and Goddard that drove this story for me. So while it isn’t a romance, it is most definitely a love story…a love story that is not yet finished being told…
…In the end, Turnbull House is nearly perfect. No details left out, no loose ends left hanging…yes, the love story is open ended, but that’s just how its meant to be. — The Blogger Girls

With characters who are layered with charm and complexity, settings that play out visually like a full color series of daguerreotypes on the mind, a mystery that reveals how far apart Ira and Goddard have grown since Ira walked out two years before, and a fluid prose that draws the reader into the lives of the characters and the time of the story, Turnbull House is as flawless a historical novel as I’ve ever read.—The Novel Approach

Turnbull House was special. So addicting. I needed to read more. The characters were distinct, sexy, and believable. Books A to Z

The Left Hand of Justice 

It is an exciting book with drama, romance, and mystery. The characters were interesting and strong. Once you get into the story, it is hard to put the book down. –Curve Magazine

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog 

This had the perfect balance of intrigue and manipulation where there are bad guys and good guys and bad guys wanting to be good guys. The end game was a complicated web of ‘who did what’ and ‘who can be trusted’…
… Flawless. Thats what this book is. If there were flaws, I certainly didn’t notice; I was too wrapped up in devouring every word Ira gave me. –The Blogger Girls

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog is an excellent mystery. The characters are complex and in general not what they seem on first sight. Many unexpected twists and turns keep the novel intriguing right up to the end. The historical setting of late Victorian London is portrayed accurately. It is recommended for mystery collections at public libraries, especially those in gay- and lesbian-friendly areas, and college and university collections.”—Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association

“The Affair of the Porcelain Dog is a thoughtful book, a well-put-together mystery that integrates relationship problems into the main framework, but it is also an action-packed book…If you are a fan of Victorian-era mystery, or of strong LGBT characters in a story that does not rely on sex to move the plot along, Porcelain Dog is an excellent pick for your next read.”–Anthony Cardno, Chelsea Street Station, No. 1

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog is so much less than a happily ever after and so much more than just a simple ending. In fact, if I find out there’s no intention to write a sequel to this book, I think I just might cry.” —The Novel Approach

Jess Faraday takes you into a very bleak, dangerous and inhuman realm. A world without mercy. But despite all this, she’s able to deliver a beautiful and romantic story….This clever multi-layered mystery skillfully combined with some very strong characters will definitely keep you in suspense until the very end. —Booked Up Reviews

“….despite all the ugliness it dealt with it managed to be also sweet and romantic….”–Elisa Reviews

Outwords Books Named APD one of its “Top Picks” for August 2011!

“It is a book that keeps you riveted to the page.”–Amos Lassen

“This is a treasure hunt, murder mystery and love story all in one!” —Book-of-the-Month Club

“Whether you like detective fiction, noir, Victorian stories or just damned good love stories, this will appeal to you.” —Erastes, Speak its Name Reviews

“The author builds a credible plot through the actions of diverse, fully-nuanced characters, which keeps the reader interested…Excellent first novel by a promising new author, which I give five stars out of five.” –Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

Praise for Women of the Dark Streets, a paranormal anthology from Bold Strokes Books.

I liked this compilation a lot! Obviously all of the stories contain lesbian love and sex scenes, and there is some sort of paranormal aspect to each story. There are stories about everything from vampires and vampire hunters to FBI agents and private investigators to ghosts and skin walkers. This compilation is very diverse with only the lesbian love remaining a constant. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good paranormal romance. It is a great selection of short stories with something for everyone. — Kaitlin Michelle Reviews

The Trickster Codex by Jess Faraday
With a delightful tongue-in-cheek quality, a provocative story unfolds with world shattering implications. The female gumshoe and the classy professor link up on more than one level. Distinctly funny, certainly thought provoking, with lots of great action. Fantastic! —Rainbow Book Reviews

A Different Magic
(published as J.G. Williams), Connections Anthology, Iris Print

“Now this is more like it! Good fantasy, vivid, fascinating imagery, characters which intrigue and engage from the start. I only wanted it to be longer because the world and the people are so very well realised, and could be mined for much longer than this, but this works at all levels. A story that could be enjoyed by any reader of fantasy. Recommended.” —Logophilos Review

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