St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

“Jess Faraday’s storytelling skills are flawless, from creating rich and multi-layered characters to texturing each layer of plot so it grounds the reader in time and place.”


Brand New!

Pythagoras the Dog is Missing, appearing now in Mystery Magazine, June 2022. Available now in print and digital from your favorite booksellers.

Award Winning

Shadow of Justice,winner of the 2021 Rainbow Award for Best LGBTQIA Anthology!

Available now from all your favorite booksellers.

Short and Sweet

Who is murdering seemingly random victims, and why are they killing them with sand? Ira Adler and Calvin Sutter return. Available now.

Recently Released

A disgraced physician, an aspiring alchemist, and a nurse trying to hold her clinic together under siege… All brought together by the Fiend in the Fog. Available now from Bold Strokes Books and your favourite booksellers.

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