Three centuries of mystery and rough justice. Now available for pre-order.
Three centuries of mystery and rough justice. Now available 

Now available through all the usual suspects, my anthology with Helen Angove and Rachel Green. Three centuries of mystery and rough justice.

Who says the instrument of justice can’t be domestic?


rainbow_winner2015The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor has received second place in the 2016 Rainbow Awards, category of Lesbian Historical & Paranormal! Here’s what the judges had to say:

“The setting and world building elements were unique and atmospheric, making this an enjoyable steampunk read.”

Available now at Bold Strokes Books.

“A short read with a lot of story packed into the pages. The way Jess Faraday wove the main character’s story with the supporting cast was a skill I find missing in a great deal of writing these days. From the opening sequence, Rosetta Stein, is an adventurer, a searcher, a scientist, grabbed me, and did not let go until the very end. Nothing was superlative in this short; spinning an intriguing story of a lost artifact, accusations of anarchy, and a blooming romance. Though the main character is a lesbian, there are other same sex relationships that play into the telling. Jess Faraday’s masterful writing has these relationships enrich the story rather than distract from it.”

“Enjoyable quick easy read. The author kept me engaged in the story. I really liked the “steampunk ” feel. Usually not my favorite genre. Quirky but fun.”  

The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor is available now from Bold Strokes Books.

Available now!

New Story!

My latest short story, Glow Bunny, is out RIGHT NOW in MCBQ #5. Fantastic fiction for less than the price of an overpriced coffee!