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(Ira Adler #1) Available now from Bold Strokes Books, or from your favorite bookseller. Also in audiobook from Audible.

The Affair of the Porcelain Dog (Ira Adler #1)

London 1889. Ira Adler, former rent-boy and present plaything of crime lord Cain Goddard has one job: to retrieve a stolen statue. Unfortunately, everyone else is after it, too, including two rival crime lords, and Ira’s bitter ex. Buy my book!

Now Available from Bold Strokes Books.

Turnbull House (Ira Adler #2) 

London 1891. Having escaped his life of crime, Ira’s new life is stable but dull. Then disaster strikes. Goddard offers him a way out of a bad situation. Will Ira hold fast to his principles, or will he succumb to the temptations of easy riches and lost pleasures? Buy my book!

April 1, 2015 from Bold Strokes Books.

Fool’s Gold (Ira Adler #3)

For once, Ira Adler has it easy.  Suddenly, an explosion turns everything upside down. Eager to leave London, Ira accompanies his friends to America, and before he knows it,  is up to his neck in train robbers, rattlesnakes, unscrupulous cattle kings, and persistent young women driven to frenzy by his exotic accent. Just when he’s ready to flee back to Britain, Ira gets a fistful of second chances. But London is calling. Will Ira answer? Or will he embrace a new life abroad? Buy my book!

The Left Hand of Justice available from Bold Strokes Books

The Left Hand of Justice

Starvation and disease haunt the streets of 1820s Paris, while supernatural terror stalks the night. The once-famous police force is a shambles, its elite Bureau of Supernatural Investigations disbanded. Only Detective Inspector Elise Corbeau remains, spared by a shadowy protector for a purpose not even she knows. Buy my book!



The Kissing Gate
Cornwall, 1888. If anyone deserved to be murdered, it was Davy Sowden. So when someone finally kills him, Dr. Elizabeth Bell is not surprised. But when she and her lover, Alice, become suspects in his murder, Eliza won’t just need to prove who did it, but also who didn’t.  Buy my book!


The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor
Billiwack, CA, 1894. When translator Rosetta Stein comes across her rival, Bartholomew Vincent, under attack by weird, raven-headed man-beasts behind the infamous Puckered Rosebud Gentleman’s Club, she senses opportunity. She rescues him in exchange for a crack at the commission he stole from under her nose–a strangely inscribed artifact found by Big Sur bigwig George Taylor Granville in the Santa Lucia mountains. Misfortune has stalked Vincent from the moment he took on the project, and he’s only too happy to share it. In the meantime, a lady marshal has come to Billiwack, investigating rumors of strange, unlicensed weapons, and she can’t seem to decide if she’d rather kiss Rosetta or arrest her. And Vincent is suffering romantic complications of his own, in the forms of Rosetta’s charming layabout brother, and an amorous professor who won’t take God, no! for an answer. Buy my book! 


Shadow of Justice

Simon Pearce doesn’t believe in love. He doesn’t believe in monsters, either. But sometimes life has a way of making you reconsider your beliefs.

Cover Endgame

Alternative Truths: Endgame

All right, this isn’t an Elm Books production, but it’s definitely worth your time. In this, the final installment of the Alternative Truths series, a host of talented storytellers and poets speculate about the different ways our current political choices might play out in the near future. Sometimes sobering, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, these tales are not to be missed. Buy my book!

Cover Leial Death and a Cup 8-17-14 copy

Death and a Cup of Tea

Eight talented authors weave stories of tea and murder in our first anthology of cozies. But don’t let the “cozy” label fool you. The crimes are diabolical, and the villains — and villainesses — aren’t fooling around! Buy my book!

Fae Love Cover

Fae Love

Stories of supernatural romance (edited by Jess Faraday). One story from this collection (Chimera’s Tail by Julianna Comyn) won the 2014 Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice Award in the short story category. Two others were finalists. Buy my book!


Undeath and the Detective  A collection of spooky mysteries! Finalist for the 2014 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for best anthology. Buy my book!

Available now from  Elm Books.

Death and the Detective

Tales of murder and mayhem. Featuring my story Golden Handcuffs. Buy my book!

Cold Night Cover R

Death on a Cold Night 

A sampler of short mysteries from a group of talented authors. Buy my book!


Short Stories


My story Deadfall appears in the anthology Time’s Rainbow from Launch Point Press. Buy my book!


Check out my short stories in Mischief Corner Books Quarterly, #2 and #5.


Tales of the Great Detectives, featuring my story Eliminating the Impossible. A collection of stories featuring Sherlock Holmes in an alternate universe.

Death and the Detective

Death and the Detective. Tales of murder and mayhem. Featuring my story Golden Handcuffs. Buy my book!

Winner of 2013 GCLS award for non-erotic anthology.  Available now from Bold Strokes Books.

Women of the Dark Streets, featuring my story The Trickster Codex. Paranormal tales of Sapphic passion and intrigue. Winner of the 2013 Golden Crown Literary Society Award in the category of non-erotic anthology.


Connections (out of print), featuring my story A Different Magic.


My first sale! (And, unfortunately, out of print). Brother Seamas and the Map of the Miracles to Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, for a big $5. I was grinning for a week.


Love, Babylonian Style. It’s short and sweet.

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