The Six Million Dollar Rabbit

It’s been a tough week for rabbits.

A few days after Clarabel died, Christopher developed a limp. Turns out his leg was broken above *and* below the knee. Not quite sure how it happened, except that he’s very young and a Stunt Rabbit, and when I read that rabbits can break their legs jumping on and off things, it sounded very plausible.

Since he’s still growing, the Dreadfully Expensive Option with pins and plates and screws was out (I’m a little grateful for that, to tell you the truth). Opted for amputation, which considering his youth and health, he should be just fine. He came home today and seems in good spirits and not in too much pain. There are a lot of people who might think it’s idiotic spending so much money on a rabbit, but he’s a very affectionate rabbit, and very young, and the prognosis is excellent. It’s a one-time expense, rather than an ongoing expense. And plenty of people spend plenty of money on more foolish things. Would anyone consider a daily foofy coffee drink outrageous? Or a Very Expensive pair of shoes?

I suppose it’s a matter of perspective. Some people think a rabbit is closer to a gerbil on the Scale Of Worth for Animal Life. I think it’s closer to a cat. Some people wouldn’t put themselves out for a cat, a dog, or another human being. I would.

Anyway, I was going to post a picture of the Six Million Dollar Rabbit in his little plastic collar, but I can’t get the lighting right, and I’d feel lousy using the flash on the poor little guy, so this will have to do. Because shit, he’s the world’s luckiest rabbit as well as the world’s most expensive.

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

2 thoughts on “The Six Million Dollar Rabbit

  1. Hee! That has to be a Schoolhouse Rock number, yes? Love it. And now I’ll be humming “multiply seven by one…” all day.

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