May Rescue: Tell Me Where It Hurts

Today I want to talk about armpits. This top sat in the back of my closet, unjustly, for about three years. I never got rid of it because I like it, but I didn’t wear it because it pinched my pits. The Before Shot. You might think that if a garment is uncomfortable, finding out... Continue Reading →

February Rescue: Bye Bye Batwings

Hello, and welcome to the February edition of 1212 Garment Rescue. Today’s rescue is this beautiful green shirt. I bought this shirt at a charity shop because I liked the color and the fabric. Unfortunately, the shape is exactly wrong for…well…most people. Seriously. Batwings don’t even look good on a mannequin. So that had to... Continue Reading →


I haven't been doing a lot of Making recently, concentrating on writing, but I have found a new and versatile bag pattern that I really like. I'm going to be getting some of my things back from Majestical Roof in the near future, and making some more stuff in preparation for the Women's craft fair... Continue Reading →

Simple Machine

I'm a bit of a conspiracy nut. The fun, tongue-in-cheek kind, not the building-a-bunker kind. Well, not a bunker, exactly, 'cause that's a lot of work. But let's just say that although we don't have guns, we've probably got the best-stocked first aid kit in the neighborhood. Anyway, thinking about gridcrash, and what it would... Continue Reading →


While waiting for the edits to come down from BSB, I've been pouring a little more energy into Faraday Bags. I have an appointment with a new shop on Wednesday, to see if they're interested in carrying my things. Not sure if my industrial-type designs are going to work with their airy-fairy theme, but you... Continue Reading →

Artist Plug

I started making handbags several years ago, after my favorite bag bit the dust. I thought, probably as everyone does from time to time, I could make this, and I did. My main manual craft at the time was quilting, but I soon found that handbags take up less space and suit my short attention... Continue Reading →

A cracked mind lets in more light

"Thinking outside the box might be facilitated by having a somewhat less intact box," says Dr Ullén about his new findings." Thanks to Aleksandr Voinov for this article about the similarity between the brains of "creatives" and schizophrenics. There's another similar article about "odd behavior" and creativity going hand in hand. And then there's the... Continue Reading →


Alex Beecroft recently posted a snip from a talk by Aimee Mullins. Mullins was born with a disease that led doctors to amputate both legs below the knees when she was a year old. She learned to walk, and eventually to KICK FREAKIN' ASS on prosthetic legs. Now a former Olympian and a world-record holder... Continue Reading →

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