June/July Rescue: Spiny Anteater Shirt

This month’s rescue is this t-shirt, which hasn’t been languishing in my drawer, but had been languishing in someone else’s drawer before finding itself in a thrift shop.  I grabbed it immediately because it had an echidna on it, and how often do you find a t-shirt with an echidna? I also liked the colour... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Toby Virgo Recently I had the pleasure of taking the Real Sherlock Holmes walking tour of Edinburgh. If you didn't know, Edinburgh was Arthur Conan Doyle's hometown. He lived not far from the town centre, and there's a plaque at the University of Edinburgh medical school honouring him as the doctor for... Continue Reading →

Every Monster Has a Job to Do

The idea behind my upcoming novel, The Fiend in the Fog, took root many years ago. It was the summer before I entered teacher training, and I was working in a day care centre in Tucson, Arizona. It wasn’t a posh daycare — one of my fellow teachers had an ankle bracelet courtesy of Arizona... Continue Reading →

May Rescue: Tell Me Where It Hurts

Today I want to talk about armpits. This top sat in the back of my closet, unjustly, for about three years. I never got rid of it because I like it, but I didn’t wear it because it pinched my pits. The Before Shot. You might think that if a garment is uncomfortable, finding out... Continue Reading →

Meet Abigail Gordon

Abigail Gordon Nurse Abigail Gordon co-founded the Cornwall Street Clinic on London's East End. Kind, but with zero tolerance for shenanigans, Abby considers herself the protector of the clinic, its patients, and her fiancé and clinic co-founder, Dr. Gideon Spencer. But the real threat to everything she holds dear is not what Abby thinks it... Continue Reading →

January Rescue: Decorative Hood

The decorative hood that came with my Big Coat "Snowstorm expected. If you're English, stay inside and wait for the all-clear. If you're Scottish, you'll need your Big Coat." This is the hood that came with my Big Coat. The coat itself is perfect, but the hood is decorative. Decorative! I ask you! Some designer... Continue Reading →

Simon Pearce’s Edinburgh: Comiston House

“Comiston House sat aloof on a large tract of land, a little more than three miles to the south of Edinburgh, and north of the gently sloping, green-carpeted Pentland Hills. It was modest in size, square in shape, and constructed from large bricks of local sandstone. Ionic columns stood to either side of an arched... Continue Reading →

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