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 Shadow of Justice

Now available in paperback and all of your favorite e-book formats!

Shadow of Justice comprises eight stories of historical mystery and intrigue set in Edinburgh, Cornwall, and London.

The main character, Simon Pearce, sprang from the pages of my novella, The Kissing Gate in the Blades of Justice anthology. Pearce had a small role in Blades, but quickly made it clear that he had many more stories to tell. Shadow of Justice contains eight of them.

Love is a dangerous proposition for many people in 19th century London. For an ambitious copper climbing Scotland Yard’s greasy career ladder, it’s out of the question.

Constable Simon Pearce doesn’t believe in love — at least not for himself. And he doesn’t believe in monsters, though there seem to be a lot of them about.

Pearce has his theories — about crime, about monsters, and about love. But life has a way of testing even the most carefully considered beliefs. And as Pearce chases mysteries from one end of Britain to the other, he may just have to consider his ideas about all three.                    

Buy now in paperback and all e-book formats.

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