This explains a few things

The New Rabbit is home. Had decided to call her Christabel, for Christabel Pankhurst (also matches Clarabel). Was informed, however, upon picking her up from the Humane Society after getting The Snip, that Christabel Bunny is actually Christopher Rabbit. This actually makes a few things easier, as I’ve read that it’s easier to integrate a male and a female than two of either sex.

Introductions are going well. I shouldn’t have worried about Clarabel being bullied. She’s twice his size (at least), and set about immediately declaring herself Boss Rabbit. He is very young and silly, and takes it good-naturedly. He seems to be a Tigger sort of personality, and takes her bossing with the attitude of “Ok, whatever you say…now let’s bounce!”

And this is how I came to figure out how such a friendly, outgoing bunny–a bunny who, in contrast to my introverted Sensitive Flower seems to genuinely love being picked up, held, cuddled, etc.–ended up at the Humane Society. This young buck is a champion jumper, and a budding escape artist.

Awakened this morning to a metallic banging, and came out to find him on the roof of his cage. As near as I can tell, he saw that his cage has a top-opening latch, and he bounced himself against it until it flipped open. At which point, he sprang out onto the roof, where I found him stretched out, cool as a cucumber. Mission accomplished.

I’m a little worried, now. Clarabel has the run of the rabbit-proofed basement when I’m home during the day, and in the evenings. She’s never attempted the stairs, never even thought of it, as far as I know. But I think once Christopher is integrated into the household enough to be let out with her, he might go for it. Between the fact that people are always going in and out, the fact that I like to leave the doors open to let in the gorgeous springtime weather, and the upcoming kitchen remodel, this would be a Very Bad Thing indeed. Hopefully Christopher and Clarabel will make their peace soon, and he’ll be able to move from the starter cage to the Rabbit Palace. And I may have to think about putting a door or gate on the stairs.

What did I say about enjoying not having to rearrange my life around the needs of Little Creatures? =)

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