Ugh. Drama.

More rabbit drama today. The knot in my stomach wasn’t the old Faraday Paranoia–the rabbit’s sutures were infected again. A different vet cleaned him up and discovered that he has ringworm. Yay! She congratulated me on my supposed immunity–I’ve been doing intimate care on the little beastie for a month now, and haven’t gotten it. Apparently the ringworm has been hindering the healing process, making him more prone to infections, etc. The good news is, she thinks that the prognosis is good for both the leg and the ringworm. She’ll be able to say with greater certainty on Thursday (I won’t go into the exact nature of the wound care, ’cause it’s gross, but there will be a Procedure on Thursday), but when I asked point blank if I’m throwing money down a hole, she said that no, she thinks he will heal from both conditions, provided I put a little more elbow grease into it. I’m already disinfecting the cage 2X a day and disinfecting the rabbit 3X a day, but now there will be soaps and creams and potions as well. Le sigh.

But at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and this morning, I really thought that this was not the case.

Everyone at the vet’s office is really pulling for him. They’re all charmed by the Stunt Rabbit. The vet even gave him the salad she brought for her own lunch. And then instead of pushing expensive veterinary grade creams and potions on me, she told me to go to the drug store and pick up some neosporin and ringworm cream. If the rabbit pulls through, this veterinary office is getting a nice fruit basket.

Finished Changeless last night. And Oh! It ended on a most frustrating cliffhanger! And Blameless won’t be released until September 1! The horror! However, I do have a new Alexander McCall Smith to dive into.

And someone special has provided me with a Droid phone! Truth be told, if left to my own devices, I’d probably still be communicating by telegraph or tin cans and string or something. I wasn’t really sure what I needed a SmartPhone for, but that special someone has also provided a handy book of highly rated Droid apps, and oh, my! Things I never knew I needed until I saw them! Now I can’t wait to download the Ghost Hunting app that a friend wrote, or try out that nifty photographic spin the bottle game.

And that, Gentle Reader, is all the news that’s fit to print. Please send good thoughts to the bunny, if you’re so inclined, and suggestions for Droid Apps to his owner.


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