The Late Christopher Rabbit

Had to put the little guy to sleep, yesterday, after a month of drama. The leg wasn’t healing, and the reason was not just one, but two illnesses that couldn’t be treated until the leg was healed. One illness I suspect was with him from the Humane society (shame on you, Humane society!) and the other, I believe, he contracted at the time of the surgery. At any rate, chicken and egg, and at the end, the little guy was suffering so much. The vet said that she almost never recommends euthanasia, but in this case, she really, really did.

So, back to no pets again.

There’s been talk in The Household of perhaps trying again, at a future date, possibly around Christmas. I can’t even think about it now, but maybe six months from now things will look different. Such joy these little creatures bring us, but so much sorrow, as well!

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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