It will look something like this.

In two weeks, we will be installing new flooring. Farewell to the hideous, once-white-now-sickly-gray carpeting and hello to clean, cheap, eco-friendly bamboo! In the ten years that we’ve been in this house, I’ve come to despise carpeting–not rugs, which can be taken out and cleaned, but installed carpeting. It’s hard to keep clean with so many feet coming and going, and after a while it just looks tired and disgusting. Plus, part of me suspects that no matter how many times you vacuum and shampoo, it’s not quite sanitary. I’m the first to admit that I’ve never been tidy, but unsanitary is something I just can’t abide.

Virgo, me?

I have three rooms to declutter. One is done, absolutely bare except for the nasty carpeting. One is almost there. The third, I suspect, will take tomorrow and the next day to complete. I’ve always aspired to the minimalist aesthetic, but have been too sentimental to really commit to it. But this past month has been full of endings, and this feels like a beginning. I’m feeling merciless toward Junk, and I like it.

Later this year, we might well be doing a kitchen remodel, and it’s about flippin’ time. Cheap, nasty, falling-apart cabinets, I’ve got my eye on you.

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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