A long time since the last post, and lots of things have been shaking.


* Two of the characters in the WIP have undergone a name change, including one of the principals.
* One of the principals has also decided that she wants to have her own POV. We, the Author, have agreed.
* There are now Actual Supernatural Events, rather than political conspirators simply running around in silly costumes.
* I have done a bit of Villain Work, and need to do more.
* Taking advantage of the fact that APD edits haven’t come down from BSB yet. Not as much advantage as I should be taking, though.

Real Life:

* The kitchen remodel is a week away. The first hammer blow will fall on Saturday. The refrigerator is in the garage, and it’s going to be sandwiches and takeout for the next six weeks.
* Testing for black belt right after we return from Thanksgiving. There’s a small chance that I may be ready.
* It’s been pissing down rain for two weeks. Never thought I’d say it, but I think I could actually go for some of our usually relentless sunshine about now. Or at least for a respite from Wet.
* Finally got to see BBC’s Sherlock on PBS last night. Wow. It was super. Brilliant. A terrific show. Although that thing about the original character probably being a bit of a trial to live with? They played that to the edge–and not in the lovable slob way that RDJ did in the Guy Richie film. Brilliant, yes, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes also struck me as chilly and unpleasant. I’m not sure I’d have had Watson’s fortitude to stick it out with the man for even an entire episode.


Not a blessed thing, actually.

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