Tournaments and other entertainments

Attended our school’s annual friendship tournament. This year, we made it an invitational. Including our four schools, there were probably about eight schools represented.

I ended up taking third in forms, which was a shame, because I absolutely love Koryo, and I thought I had it down much better than that. But it was great seeing my friends and watching the children compete.

It was also an interesting lesson about where I fit into the TKD community, and where it fits into my life. Competition is fun every now and then, but it’s not my primary interest. I’d like to continue to practice and learn, to have it be part of my lifestyle, but I really am more interested in teaching, and in teaching self defense.

I’ve already decided on a self-defense instructor certification course, and intend to spend part of the next book’s advance on it. If recent political events have shown me anything, it’s that nobody’s going to stand up for women–we need to stand up for ourselves, and for each other. And taking responsibility for our personal safety is this at the most basic level. The organization I’ve chosen also has instructor certification for children’s self defense, which I will also look into.

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