Another review!

I know we’re supposed to take customer reviews with a grain of salt, but this one, by Echo Magazine book reviewer Bob Lind, really made my day.

In late 19th Century London, Ira Adler is a former rent-boy, who is now the personal assistant (and kept boy) of Cain Goddard, a somewhat socially prominent citizen who has underworld ties. Goddard sends Ira to find a porcelain dog figurine, which supposedly contains a secret being used to blackmail him. Ira gets, then loses the trinket, and finds himself getting deeper involved in a widespread criminal enterprise involving smuggling and drugs, involving some people he knew in his hustling days. Eventually, Ira uncovers a truth that threatens his cushy position with Goddard, as he has to decide if it is worth his own self-respect.

I’m not usually into “period” novels, but I found this one to be unique and captivating. The author builds a credible plot through the actions of diverse, fully-nuanced characters, which keeps the reader interested. It was relatively easy to read, despite the fact that the street characters’ dialogue was often listed in popular street slang, which was actually a plus in establishing their individuality and role in the store. Excellent first novel by a promising new author, which I give five stars out of five.

– Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

Thanks, Bob. Much appreciated.

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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