Spent yesterday at a USAT referee seminar. It wasn’t something I’d have sought to do on my own, but our master instructor suggested it, and, as one of my New Year’s Resolutions has been to say “yes” to new experiences, I went.

It was an excellent training. The instructor was outstanding, and I learned a lot. In particular, I learned how easy it is to see violations when you’re standing on the sidelines…and how easy it is to miss them when you’re the center ref! I gained some confidence controlling a ring, as well, though I must admit corner judging and judging poomsae are still much more within my comfort zone.

I also reconnected with the sport, remembered why and how much I enjoy it. Morning classes had been cancelled in Jan., and my evenings are pretty packed, so I hadn’t made it as often as I could. But after the seminar, I recommitted myself to growing and developing in the sport, and attending class more often, even when it’s not convenient.

Am within 5 chapters of finishing Turnbull House. I’m not ready to be done with it! That is, I’ll be happy to finish the manuscript, but sad to leave Ira and his world. Of course that means I’ll just have to get cracking on the next book =)

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