Death and the Detective: A Teaser

Am putting the finishing touches on my second Elm Books anthology, Death and the Detective, which is slated for release on May 11. There’s a beautiful mix of seasoned and new authors–people mystery lovers will recognize, and some exceptional new talent. I’m very proud of this collection. 

Here are the foreword and the table of contents to whet your appetite.






When soliciting stories for Death and the Detective, I gave authors two parameters: the main character must be an investigator of sorts, and the plot must involve a death. It sounds simple, but authors ended up taking these guidelines to some interesting and diverse places. In addition to the expected murder mysteries, we also received stories about near-death, animal death, suicide, arson, fortuitous accidents, not-so-fortuitous accidents, and setups. In some stories, death is well-deserved. In others, it is merely unavoidable. In still others, tragedy has some unexpectedly positive consequences for those left behind.

Regarding investigators, we have a few PIs, some cops, some ex-cops, an insurance adjuster, ATF, a security guard, and even a pair of Shadow Wolves—the formidable Native American trackers who work with Homeland Security. To my editorial delight, the stories fell neatly into five categories: Doublecross, Revenge, Something to Prove, They Needed Killin’, and Second Chances.


All of the stories are exceptionally written, and I’m proud to present them.


Jess Faraday, 2013








Happy Valentine’s                                                     H. Tucker Cobey

Dirty Cop                                                              Michael Mallory




White Devil                                                                Sarah M. Chen

Detecting for Dummies                                              Mark Hague




Not So Lucky                                                                  Carol Leininger

Burnout                                                                           Robert D. Hughes




Rough Justice/Tender Mercies                                     Leonhard August

Golden Handcuffs                                                           Jess Faraday




Helpless                                                                              Mary Ward

Foot in the Trashcan, Body in the Dumpster                Lee Mullins

The Cat                                                                         Gay Toltl Kinman


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