In the Works

One wouldn’t know it from the lack of outwardly-directed output on this end, but I’ve actually been quite busy.

Still getting back into the academic-year routine after returning from Yorkshire. Did an enormous clear-out of clothing and clutter, repurposed two rooms and painted two more. Started running outdoors again after the New Overlords of my gym decided that everything that was Good and Right at the place had to go. It’s amazing how much conditioning I had accomplished by combining treadmill and audiobooks. The 5K run that had once kicked my @$$ now seems trite XDDDDD

As regards writing, I just sent off a short story for an anthology by Obverse Books. Long story short, it’s an anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories set in an alternate universe, in which not just one Holmes, but every Holmes ever created has come to life.

In my story, “The Reichenbach Fall,” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle confronts his Final Problem when he meets one of the Holmeses at a point in his life where he blames Holmes for his life’s failures, and has already unsuccessfully tried to kill him off in writing.

It’s quite different from anything I’ve written before, and it was quite a challenge to write.

Not sure when the anthology is coming out, but if you’re looking for a collection of wickedly clever, mind-bending writing, do check out Obverse’s other offerings, especially the anthologies containing stories by my friend Helen Angove.
Am also putting the finishing touches on a new Elm Books anthology. Still searching for a title, but it’s a collection of supernatural mystery stories, and features work by Charlie Cochrane, Angelia Sparrow, and many of your favorite Elm Books authors. We’re aiming for a Halloween release.

Fool’s Gold, Ira’s third book, has been contracted, and I’m about 7,000 words in. Turnbull House, which comes out in February 2014, (and OMG is available for pre-order now!) is going to open a lot of questions, and Fool’s Gold is going to answer them. Plus there’s a sexy sheriff and a Big Life-Changing Decision. =)

So what have you been up to this summer?

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