Interview with Elm Books Author Lynn Finger

In Undeath and the Detective, poet and writer Lynn Finger has penned a fascinating, philosophical story of ghosts, spaceships, and genetic mutation. Let’s meet her!

External view of a Bernal sphere

1. In one sentence, sum up your story in Undeath and the Detective.

A woman with what could be called a disability, reflects the flaws of others through her own.

2. List 5 random facts about yourself.

I play the viola, spaghetti is my favorite food, I have a spider phobia although I’d rather save them and take them outside (spider rehab) than hurt them, I love to draw, and I’m a Firefly Fan. When I read Fahrenheit 451, this was the first time I realized how socially powerful sci fi could be.

3. What in particular inspired you to write this story?

This character has appeared in various times of my life, demanding her story be told. She is considered a misfit in a world of people who appear to be perfect. Sometimes even with all the technology advances that we have, imperfections occur, and then what? This character is the answer to, “and then what?”

4. What do you most like to write? Is it the same or different from what you like to read?

I love to write poetry. While I love reading poetry, I also enjoy sci fi.

5. Is this your first detective story? Your first supernatural story?

This is my first detective story,and I enjoyed writing it so much I intend to write more. I have written supernatural stories, as the supernatural intrigues me.

6. Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how?

I love Halloween, and the idea that the veil between the worlds is thin on this night. Mostly I just enjoy the snap in the air and pumpkin carving. When I was younger I would dress up for parties, usually as a gypsy.

7. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love yoga, viola, and reading. Also talking to friends.

8. Are there any particular authors or artists who inspire you?

Ursula LeGuin, for her unique vision of how people create their worlds, and Ray Bradbury for his beautiful writing and dream-like stories. I love Terry Pratchett. Josh Whedon is inspirational again with his unusual and colorful vision of the world as it could be or might become.

9. Are you working on anything new? Tell us about it!

More adventures of Sofia!

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