Interview with Elm Books Author Angelia Sparrow

I’m very excited to have Angelia Sparrow’s story S is for Succubus appearing in Undeath and the Detective. I’m also thrilled to host her here on my blog. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the author of many, many, many books–and lots of paranormal romances–both as the sole author, and with Naomi Brooks. Let’s get to know her!

I’d like to thank Jess for having me visit today. I’m Angelia Sparrow. I’ve got 12 novels and over 75 short stories to my credit. I write mostly same sex romance, so stepping into the detective genre was a little different for me.

1. In one sentence, sum up your story in Undeath and the Detective.: Nonmagical PI must find a succubus on the Nightside of Memphis.

2. List 5 random facts about yourself.

I hold a class A CDL
I cannot whistle
I like to knit, but mostly socks.
I got my start in fanfiction, back in the 70s. I was typing out Land of the Lost comic books for my friends and I to roleplay.
I am married to the vice-president of my local PFLAG chapter.

3. What in particular inspired you to write this story?

DJ Admire first appeared during a naming exercise in my creative writing class in 1984. She only had a name. Later, on the vampyres@guvm mailing list in 1991, I fleshed her out a little. The original short is the opening scene. Later still (2006), I came back to her for an anthology for a now defunct press, decided to set her in Memphis and make her grouchy and asexual. Thus “S is for Succubus” was born.

4. What do you most like to write? Is it the same or different from what you like to read?

I mostly write same-sex romance, with an SF or paranormal bent. I read mostly horror or westerns. I’m working my way through Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, interspersed with random Louis L’Amours.

5. Is this your first detective story? Your first supernatural story?

This was my first detective story. But I’d been writing supernaturals for a few years. I got my start about 2 years before DJ with “Prey” which was a Boy Meets Incubus story.

6. Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how?

I celebrate it doubly, as a secular holiday and as a religious one. I’m pagan, and Samhain is our most solemn holy day. It is a time to watch the old year die, and to remember our own beloved dead. And I have a few to add to the remembrance list this year. But I also enjoy the creepy and gruesome. There is a chance I’ll throw a Halloween party this year, with brain pate, and bat wings and witch’s brew.

7. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I do handcrafts while watching old movies. I knit and crochet primarily, and I watch old, 1920s-1950s movies. I’ve seen the entire Errol Flynn oeuvre, including In the Wake of the Bounty, his debut, made before he’d grown into his ears, nose and chin.

8. Are there any particular authors or artists who inspire you?

I’m passionate about Ray Bradbury. Always have been. I watch lot of movies, and you can sometimes tell who is inspiring me by the characters I’m writing.

9. Are you working on anything new? Tell us about it!

Right now, I’m doing more editing work than writing, but I have another DJ book on the back burner. Two actually. I have Dirty Toes, in which DJ must stop a serial killer who is murdering children, and Painting Blues City Red where DJ has to fend off the zombie apocalypse while dealing with vampire politics.

10. Promote your work! What is your favorite thing you’ve written, and where can readers find it?

I’m deeply partial to DJ’s full length novel, Spellbound Desire, where we (and she) learn she is NOT actually asexual. I have an amazing space bounty hunter novel, Heart’s Bounty, out right now. Barbarossa’s Bitch, a tale of post-apocalyptic gay bikers, is a finalist in the Rainbow Awards this year. And I love Power in the Blood, my vampire novel, very much.

All my work can be found at I write for a variety of publishers and that’s the central clearinghouse.

I can be found as Angelia Sparrow and Author Angelia Sparrow on Facebook and Google+
I’m valarltd on Livejournal, Tumblr and fetlife
asparrow16 on twitter and AIM

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