Faery Love and Victorian Angst

Coming February 14 from Elm Books!
Coming February 14 from Elm Books!
Here’s the cover for Fae Love, the upcoming anthology of supernatural romance I helped to edit for Elm Books. Just in time for a Valentine’s Day release! I’m really proud of this collection. The stories are gorgeous, and, well, you can see the cover art for yourself!

Ira Adler's second book, now available!
Ira Adler’s second book, now available!
Turnbull House, Ira Adler’s second book, is now available from Bold Strokes Books (as well as Those Other Guys). It’s getting some great reviews =)

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

2 thoughts on “Faery Love and Victorian Angst

  1. Really cool. Do you own this company? I just checked out the books offered, and I got myself a copy of Undeath and the Detective through Smashwords. I’ll keep an eye out for Fae Love, too.

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