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Little Big Crimes chose Leonhard August’s story, “Rough Justice, Tender Mercies” as “The Best Mystery Story I Read This Week.” Thank you, LBC!

This was one of my favorite stories to edit, and one of my favorite collections (Death and the Detective.)  If you’d like to check it out, it’s available now at Elm Books in paperback and most ebook formats.

Putting the finishing touches on Fool’s Gold,  Ira Adler’s third book. Right now I’m eyeballs deep in one my favorite parts of writing: going over the pretty, pretty semifinal draft and making tiny little word-level tweaks to get things right and tight. This is the book that completes the major relationship arc, so I wanted to get it just right. This has resulted in the story being 50% longer than was originally proposed. I’m probably not the most impartial judge, but I do think this will be the best of the three books. I hope y’all will think so as well.

Have received and accepted all of the stories I want to use for Death and a Nice Cup of Tea, the fourth Elm mystery anthology that I’ll be editing. Will start working on it toward the end of August, but really, the stories are so excellent, I can’t imagine it will take me long. Planning for an autumn release.

Haven’t heard anything more about the fate of two of my other short stories. I do know that Eliminating the Impossible will be published in an anthology called Tales of the Great Detectives. It’s been edited, contracted, and I’ve been paid, but no release date has been set yet.

I submitted a story (“Snowy,” another Amy Archer adventure) to a BSB anthology called Myth and Magic, and should hear thumbs up or down in September.

Oh, and there’s also this:

Gigantic Granny Square Bedspread. Still needs borders and fringe. Proof that if you chip away at anything for long enough, you will end up with *something*.

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