Two Exciting New Projects

A little bit late announcing these, but I’m thrilled to be involved in two exciting new projects, with two fabulous — and fabulously different — groups of people.

First, I’m working with Blind Eye Books on a new short story series set in 19th century Britain. The series follows Constable Simon Pearce as he solves strange cases in London, Edinburgh and Cornwall. A locked room murder, a family curse, a mysterious big, black dog, and an exploding mummy…. But the strangest, and most inconvenient case of all, as Pearce will find, is the human heart.

Next, I’m co-editing the next Alternative Truths anthology with Bob Brown, for B Cubed Press. For anyone unfamiliar with the anthology series, the stories take a speculative look into possible future consequences of our current political choices. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sobering, always well written. You can have a look at the current books in the series here.

And, of course, still doing the balancing act of family, day job, and immigrant life. You can catch me most days lurking around my favorite Edinburgh cafes, or goofing off at FB.

Published by jfaraday

Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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