In Defense of Comfort Reading

Originally published in Red Herrings, the Newsletter of the Crime Writers Association The cosy mystery gets a lot of hate these days. Modern cosies tend to be like popcorn: light, tasty, but ultimately insubstantial. The writing can be workmanlike and slapdash. But the most common criticism, in my experience, is that the stories are superficial,Continue reading “In Defense of Comfort Reading”

Cover Reveal!

Behold the cover for my upcoming novelette series,¬†Shadow of Justice. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s the combined work of Dawn Kimberling and Selene Volturo, and it won’t be the only cover. Why not? Because there are eight mysterious stories in this series of shorts, which we’re planning to release onto Kindle Unlimited in February. Want toContinue reading “Cover Reveal!”

Two Exciting New Projects

A little bit late announcing these, but I’m thrilled to be involved in two exciting new projects, with two fabulous — and fabulously different — groups of people. First, I’m working with Blind Eye Books¬†on a new short story series set in 19th century Britain. The series follows Constable Simon Pearce as he solves strangeContinue reading “Two Exciting New Projects”