Question Time!

Do you know that feeling when one of your favorite authors lets it slip that they like your work, too? So do I! Even better, I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Josh Lanyon. You can read it here on the Josh Lanyon blog. And while you're over there, check out Josh's new... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal!

Behold the cover for my upcoming novelette series,¬†Shadow of Justice. Isn't it beautiful? It's the combined work of Dawn Kimberling and Selene Volturo, and it won't be the only cover. Why not? Because there are eight mysterious stories in this series of shorts, which we're planning to release onto Kindle Unlimited in February. Want to... Continue Reading →

Watch this Space

It's been a couple of years since I wrote a full-length novel. Life happens. Immigration happens. And then life happens some more. But then something magical transpired. I attended the UK Meet in September and reconnected with my tribe. And there, in the quiet of my hotel room, I gave birth to a fully-formed novel... Continue Reading →

Two Exciting New Projects

A little bit late announcing these, but I'm thrilled to be involved in two exciting new projects, with two fabulous -- and fabulously different -- groups of people. First, I'm working with Blind Eye Books¬†on a new short story series set in 19th century Britain. The series follows Constable Simon Pearce as he solves strange... Continue Reading →

Get in line

Writers often complain fondly about characters who show up unbidden and demand that their stories be written. Well, I don't just have characters. I have objects that *think* they're characters. This morning, I just figured out the purpose of a most recalcitrant baleen-framed oiled silk umbrella. The Prefect of Police gives it to my Inspector... Continue Reading →

It's been a long time since the last update. One might think nothing has been happening. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Had a book-launch reception for APD on the 19th. A friend of mine hosted it at her store. We had a great turnout, and I sold all of the copies I brought with me.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, 2010

I feel very fortunate that 2010 was basically the Year of Jess. Especially considering how badly the year sucked for so many people that I know. Sold my first book, which is exciting itself. But in addition to the w00t! is the fact that I sold it to the first publisher on my list. I... Continue Reading →

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