The Woman Behind Sherlock Holmes

They say behind every great man is a great woman. But behind the legendary Arthur Conan Doyle stood an entire great family. Great, not in the sense of prominent, though his lineage did include a number of prominent people in artistic fields. No, when I say “great,” I mean significant to Conan Doyle’s development asContinue reading “The Woman Behind Sherlock Holmes”

The Armchair Linguist Deconstructs Scotland: Understatement Edition

If one has to emigrate, it’s a fortunate thing to be able to settle in a country where you speak the local language. We landed in Scotland, though. All joking aside, it’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened to us in so many ways. People have been kind, welcoming, and loads ofContinue reading “The Armchair Linguist Deconstructs Scotland: Understatement Edition”

5 Surprising Things About Moving To Scotland

As I prepare for my first trip home after almost two years in Scotland, I can say there were many things that surprised me — some in pleasant ways, and others? Well… Here are just a few. 1. Manners Matter In Scotland, people have Manners. It comes down to a lot of little things, but,Continue reading “5 Surprising Things About Moving To Scotland”

4 Ways Librarians Save the World Every Day

You have to admit, librarians have a certain mystique. Whether it’s that buttoned-down-but-secretly-sexy figure in cute glasses that you know has a wild side waiting to be set loose, or a secret master of the arcane, there’s no shortage of heroic librarians in literature and film. You can find book-magicians in Jim C. Hines’s LibriomancerContinue reading “4 Ways Librarians Save the World Every Day”

An American has Sighted Nessie…And Nessie is a Girl!

Did you know that if you spot Nessie, you could win 1500 GBP (around $1980.00 USD)? That’s right. Every year, the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register takes reports of Nessie sightings at their website. Some of these are credible enough to be accepted into the registry Then, every year, the Register chooses the bestContinue reading “An American has Sighted Nessie…And Nessie is a Girl!”

Unexplained Edinburgh: Bluidy MacKenzie

The persecution of the Covenanters looms large in Scottish memory, as it should. For several decades in the 1600s, the group of Scottish Presbyterians who signed a covenant denouncing both the Pope and English rule, suffered from terrible persecution. And, as any ghost-chaser knows, social and emotional upheaval are two reasons spirits like to stickContinue reading “Unexplained Edinburgh: Bluidy MacKenzie”