Pandemic Trio

The covers from three Jess Faraday books: The Fiend in the Fog, Death by Cupcake and Dust to Dust.

Story ideas are rarely in short supply, but sometimes getting them into a presentable state takes a lot longer than it should. And then…then there are times when I blink and suddenly there are three new projects with my name on them.

An ebook reader with the cover of Jess Faraday's Fiend in the Fog: yellow lettering on a bright green background with a flask of bright green liquid.

The Fiend in the Fog

A disgraced physician, an aspiring alchemist, and a nurse trying to hold her clinic together under siege… All brought together by the Fiend in the Fog.

The Fiend in the Fog is my Pandemic novel. It’s an experiment in theme and form. It’s my first true supernatural story, though the real monster is not what (or who) you might think…

An animated cake shop display with a tower of cupcakes flanked by shelves with birthday cakes and other pastries.

Death by Cupcake

A cupcake sounds so innocent: a bright, sugary confection fit for a children’s party or afternoon tea. But scrape off the frosting, and you might find something quite different underneath, such as a string of overdoses in people who don’t use drugs. An awful lot of suspects for an accidental death. Warm puppies and cold blooded killers. A pet python that knows a jerk when she sees one, and more.

This anthology has been years in the making.

Death by Cupcake, an anthology of cozy mystery shorts from Elm Books, is all the more delicious for having survived the turbulent lives of both the publisher and myself, the economic ups and downs of the publishing industry, and finally, a pandemic.

There are some great stories from some talented authors, and I’m proud that it’s available now.

The cover of Jess Faraday's Dust to Dust: tall buildings in New York City, in sepia tone. White lettering in the forefront.

Dust to Dust

Recent years have given most people a lot to worry about, and one great way to escape from one’s worries is a light, fun story with a favourite character.

Ira Adler was so much fun to write. He’s too busy to give me full novels right now, but he is turning up with some short, lighthearted anecdotes to share. And his best guy Sutter has a few things to say, as well.

Dust to Dust contains:

  • A long-suffering U.S. Marshal
  • Ira’s birthday fiasco
  • A cat that will not be denied
  • And perhaps even a monster or two

It’s short, sweet, and costs less than the price of a coffee. Dust to Dust is available for pre-order now (on Kindle, too), and will release on October 31, 2021.

There are more in the works, so give it a try.

There were times over the past few years, when it felt like I was spinning my wheels. But it turned out, I was spinning stories, instead. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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