Unexplained Edinburgh: Bluidy MacKenzie

The persecution of the Covenanters looms large in Scottish memory, as it should. For several decades in the 1600s, the group of Scottish Presbyterians who signed a covenant denouncing both the Pope and English rule, suffered from terrible persecution. And, as any ghost-chaser knows, social and emotional upheaval are two reasons spirits like to stickContinue reading “Unexplained Edinburgh: Bluidy MacKenzie”

Ghostly Voices Recorded in Ipswich

If horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that disembodied children’s voices singing nursery rhymes never portend anything good. It’s no wonder, then, that people in Ipswich, Suffolk (UK) were unsettled, to say the least, to hear exactly that.  For months, apparently, residents were tormented by the ghostly-sounding voice of a child singing “It’s Raining,Continue reading “Ghostly Voices Recorded in Ipswich”