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I started making handbags several years ago, after my favorite bag bit the dust. I thought, probably as everyone does from time to time, I could make this, and I did. My main manual craft at the time was quilting, but I soon found that handbags take up less space and suit my short attention span much better. A nice bonus to find that other people liked my designs enough to buy them as well.

Recently, my wallet has been careening toward the end of its useful life, and I’ve been searching for another. I’ve always liked the ones one sees from time to time made from laminated recycled paper. In particular, I enjoy Ollie Otson’s work, seen in the images below (click through for more information).

Ollie Otson Trifold Wallet (laminated paper)

I particularly like this design: a journal-sized clutch wallet with zipper pocket and hidden card pocket.

Ollie Otson Post Italiane Wallet Clutch

I really love the idea of recycling pretty paper. I find the idea of throwing away beautiful cards, wrapping paper, etc. after only one use soul-crushing, and though I don’t think I’ll be making any wallets any time soon, I do think that I’ll be experimenting with laminated recycled paper, perhaps for applique.

Of course that depends upon the successful conclusion of this draft of the WIP. Must not give in to pretty procrastinations.

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