More vintage prosthetics

Spent yesterday working on a new opening scene for The Book Formerly Known as Left Hand of Justice. Haven’t been producing a lot of new wordage, so the word-generating engine was rusty. However, I have been tweaking and toggling the outline, so that the story isn’t just creaking along, but steaming forward with momentum. Process is such an interesting thing. Writing a strict, detailed outline drains the energy I have for a project, and yet I can’t tolerate the inefficiency of pure organic writing. I end up with a loose outline, which produces a loose story, both of which get tightened up as facts arise organically during the revision process. It’s a mess, but it works for me.

Anyway, found a follow-up article about vintage prosthetics here. Here’s a bit of LHOJ-related eye candy.

For a woman: note ruffled cuff details.
For the person who has everything: a utility hand! Possibly more useful than a natural hand, and therefore the most relevant for the WIP.
Iron Toes

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