Character Art

Procrastinated by doing a bit of character art today, and a silly trailer. You can tell at which point Elvis definitely left the building.

In my mind’s eye, Eleanor Ravenwood looks like this:

Joni Mitchell, 19th century Cybernetic...whaaaa?

However, when I was running the video, and the text came on reading “and the only one who can stop them is…” My mind screamed JONI MITCHELL! JONI MITCHELL IS GOING TO SAVE FRANCE FROM THE CONSPIRACY OF WARLOCKS!

Ehhhhh no. Joni Mitchell is a hero of mine, and her extreme talent is unquestionable. But….

So after further consideration (and some searches of non-copyrighted images), I came up with this.

Eleanor Ravenwood, 19th Century Cybernetic Heroine

The flag is a little sloppy, but otherwise I think it works pretty well. Joan of Arc wasn’t my original choice, but image searches of “police woman” turned up mostly porn, and “Sûreté uniform” wasn’t very useful, as there weren’t any pictures of women in them. I almost went with one of Rosetti’s women, but they lacked the ass-kicking aspect that defines Ravenwood. A Rosetti gal would, however, be a good choice for Ravenwood’s love interest.

She should be a brunette, but in all other respects, the satin slipper fits.

I liked “Veronica” for Ravenwood’s inventrix. The painting was done in 1875, which might cause a timeline issue. Of course Maria is a clever girl and could probably whip up a time machine and still be home before dinner hits the table.

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