Cornwall, 2

Am seriously wondering what the American media are saying about Rupert Murdoch. I suspect the (U.S.) government is preparing to offer him a Senate seat in recognition of his Amazing Powers of Police Corruption and Public Manipulation. I think the only thing that would provoke this level of outrage in the American public would be if we were deprived for, say, five minutes, of the ability to amuse and feed ourselves into a stupor.

Have been enjoying long walks through rough, cold, wind-swept, rainy country. That is a compliment. I am absolutely loving it here. Very hard to keep in mind that it is mid-July, and February is probably not nearly this nice. If I were to retire – ha! – Cornwall would be a terrific place to do it. Aside from the profusion of chips (easily avoidable) and sheep shit (not so easily), I could live here quite happily.

Have been reading Joseph Delaney’s The Last Apprentice series. Was sad to learn that it’s going to end. However, it will end after 5 more books, so that’s not so bad =) Am thinking of putting out a similar series with a female master and apprentice, perhaps set in Salem witch-panic American colonies.

When I arrived in the UK, I had just reached the point in the WIP where I have to take the 2/3-finished MS and sift, evaluate, and refine. It’s going well. It may not be as long as the 80K I proposed, but it will be a full novel, and it will be damn good. And I hope it will be done soon, because there are at least three more projects banging on the door.

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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