Birds of Prey

The Cornwall Birds of Prey Centre is fantastic. Also had a lot of fun at the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, though it was more than a little bit of a ripoff. A gorgeous little bike ride from Waybridge, though.

There’s a new 510-km bikeway from the SW coast of Britain to somewhere in France. My feet are itching to go.

What I’m loving the most about this place is how outdoors-focused it is. Cliff walks, cycling, and nature/adventure parks everywhere. Have resolved to do more walking and cycling when I get home, and less time on the road.

Yesterday was the last day of school here, and tourists are descending in droves. The streets also smell like an Amsterdam coffeeshop, which I don’t mind, really. I also just heard the first American accent I’ve heard in two weeks. The place is crawling with Germans–no surprise–fellow lovers of the Great Outdoors.

I thought I was a city girl, but in Cornwall, anyway, there are so many opportunities for different kinds of sport, I think I could easily be happy in a small, inconvenient town with no street numbers or traffic lights.

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