Summer has been a time of scattering, regrouping, gathering, and changing direction. I was fortunate to have two vacations: one in Cornwall, which now seems a lifetime away, and the other in San Diego, where my peeps and I ran a 5K.

Recently renewed my business license. Haven’t been doing a lot of handicraft recently; too busy working on the New Novel, for which I gave myself a tight deadline just to see if I could do it (the answer appears to be yes). I pushed away at the SFD until my brain broke, then realized I was at the halfway point. At that point, I went back to incorporate all the notes I’d taken, instead of pushing on–which turned out to be the right move. Now it’s back on track, and moving forward at a good pace.

Also wrote and sold a short story set in 1943 Los Angeles–my first foray into both lesbian and paranormal. That was so much fun and so well received, that a corresponding novel is in the works.

Have also joined a face-to-face writing group that meets in a local mystery book shop. The group seems very friendly and also serious about writing. What I’ve read so far has been really good. It’s a different format from my online group–we take two chapters from two different people twice a month, rather than one whole novel from one person once a month. I think the variety will be helpful–large and small picture covered.

Unfortunately, werk is keeping me from making any writing progress this week, but next week should be nice and clear starting Wednesday.

But I do miss sewing, and I do miss the JoAnn’s that used to be on the corner. I guess all the money I was dropping there wasn’t enough =( Am steadily working my way through the house and decluttering. Those efforts will reach my sewing table sometime next week, and I will start a fat new project. After all, I did renew the license!

Tested for the next stripe on the black belt last night. It was gruelling, but we all did well. I surprised myself by burning through the first 50 pushups effortlessly and with good form. The next 50 were a little more difficult, and my shoulder is NOT happy this morning, but I got them done. Also bashed up my foot making a tornado-kick break. I *hate* that kick…which means that I have to practice that kick until it’s *mine*.

Have also gotten back into a regular (heavy) aerobic schedule: running and elliptical, though this may have to wait a few days for my foot/ankle to heal. And over the past month, have given up the car in favor of the bike for trips under 5 miles one way where I’m not carrying groceries. Had been doing kettleball twice a week, but my shoulder (injured in a car accident in my 20s) was *not* happy with it. If that’s the only consequence of my misspent youth, though, I can count myself lucky =)

Two new discoveries that give me joy: Gudrun Sjoden clothing and the books of Jackie Morse Kessler. You’re welcome =)

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Jess Faraday is an award-winning author of historical suspense.

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