Very long cliff walk this morning. Ended up in Boscastle at the Museum of Witchcraft. Met *yet another* writer and bought her book (a history of the Pendle witch panic). How strange it is to do more networking in (very very) rural Cornwall over the course of two days than I would in two weeks in the States. Pony trekking in the afternoon. Saw two border collies herding cattle, and wished very much for a border collie. Alas, it is SO not a city dog.

Outlined a new series. Have been tearing through Joseph Delaney’s excellent YA series set in 17th century England. Was bothered at the beginning of the series by the MC’s mentor’s ruthless misogyny. However, a large part of the series has been how the MC learns to rely on his own experiences–which directly contradict his mentor’s opinions–regarding women, as well as learning the origins of the mentor’s beliefs, which, given the research I’m doing now, seem to be pretty historically accurate.

Since I began the series, I’ve really wanted to write a book answering what bothered me about these. I’ve spent the last few days coming up with an outline. Must first finish Left Hand, but at least I now have an idea for a series, and an outline for the first book.

IMHO the mark of a great piece of art is not whether one likes everything about it, but whether it inspires more art.

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