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What I’m reading


Just finished reading Closed for the Season, a middle grade mystery by Mary Downing Hahn. I’d been playing with the idea of a book for young people, and had even outlined a few, but I hadn’t found one that struck just the right tone. This book nailed it for me, and now I know what the new project will be.


Without giving away the plot, I’ve started researching the captive-bred exotic animal trade in the U.S. This is NOT a fun subject, let me warn you. I was bummed out for the rest of the day, and spent pretty much all of yesterday thinking that anything rotten that happens to humanity as a whole is well deserved. However, the new book—which, being middle grade, will introduce the problem without getting too graphic—will allow me to bring some justice to the situation, if only in a fictional sense.


Now available from Obverse Books
Now available from Obverse Books

To clear the palate, it’s been more Odelia Grey, and a bit more Mary Downing Hahn.


What I’m writing

My story, Eliminating the Impossible, an alternate-universe Sherlock Holmes tale, is now available in the anthology Tales of the Great Detectives, from Obverse Books.    Paperback release to follow.

Also thrilled that last year’s Halloween anthology, Undeath and the Detective was a finalist for the 2014 Silver Falchion award for Best Multi-Author Anthology, given by the Killer Nashville conference. Congratulations, Authors!

Was also informed that Mike Mallory’s story, Dirty Cop, which appears in my anthology Death and the Detectivehas been listed in the “Other Distinguished Mystery Stories” section of the Otto Penzler/Laura Lippman anthology, The Best American Mystery Stories 2014. Congratulations, Mike!

You can purchase Death and the Detective, and its supernatural companion Undeath and the Detective at Elm Books, or through your favorite outlet. Available in ebook and paperback.

As for my own work, have been reworking a short noir-ish detective story with Amy Archer, one of my recurring characters. Not sure where it will go, but it’s fun to whittle away at. Also outlining the aforementioned book. Also Fool’s Gold edits have come back from the editor—is it possible to get a ticket for multiple comma violations? And working on Death and a Cup of Tea.


Other Stuff I’m Doing


Tested for the next stripe on the TKD belt. Have been practicing my weapons in the park, since my back yard has been fried by the excessive heat and fouled by the doggy. It’s a neat place to practice, although there’s one particular patch of shade that seems to be coveted by people for their exercise routines—including a trio of fellow martial artists, who were very polite while waiting for me to finish my nunchuck-and-bo-staff juggling routine.



What Inspires Me


Right now? The idea that there might be an end to this interminable, excessive heat. That, and coffee. =)