What it Is, Wednesday


Astro the Wonder Dog
Astro the Wonder Dog

What it is, what it was, what it shall be.

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What I’m reading

Still burning through the Odelia Grey books. They’re like popcorn—the cheese kind that you can’t stop eating until the whole bag is gone. Just finished #4 and am looking forward to #5.

What I’m writing

Just finished the latest round of edits for Death and a Cup of Tea. Still working on Fool’s Gold edits. A couple of my own things that I’m going at with different levels of enthusiasm.

Other Stuff I’m Doing

Just took delivery of a new mattress. I know. My life is SO exciting. But it is. This is the first new mattress I’ve purchased since college, and it’s totally changing my life.

Astro the Wonder Dog is down with a Mystery Virus. The vet said they’ve seen ten dogs with the same symptoms (loss of appetite, spewing from both ends…eww….) in the past two days. They didn’t seem too worried about it, though. Prescribed something to calm the tummy, and he seems to be back to his normal self today.

In the course of the exam, though, the vet asked about the muscular condition he’d had two years ago. I remarked that it had cleared up, but I’d been waiting for him to get his strength and energy back, and to lose the immense amount of weight he’d gained while on the steroids prescribed for the condition, but two years later, it hadn’t happened. She remarked that she thinks he might have a thyroid condition—he tires very easily, carries his fat in a very specific place, has sparse hair growth, and is completely unable to handle heat.

I’m going to have him tested once the virus clears up. It would be so nice if it just took a pill to have him back to his old self. I’d pretty much thought that the muscular thing had taken it out of him, and this was just the way he was—which would have been fine—he’s still the world’s greatest dog. But if he could have the energy and joie de vivre one would usually expect from a three-year-old dog, that would be fantastic.

In other animal news, I really need to clean the fish tank.
What’s inspiring me right now

Music: Etienne Daho, Moody ’80s new wave, and, incongruously, Waylon Jennings.

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2 thoughts on “What it Is, Wednesday

  1. New mattresses are wonderful things. Sleep well!

    The Jack Reacher novels are my reading popcorn right now. Just finished the tenth. I’ll be a bit lost without them 😛

    Have a great week!

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