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What I’m Reading

Have discovered the Whyborne & Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk. The first one, Widdershins, is *amazing*. Really good monster stories, a romance that’s simultaneously spicy and sweet, and what has to be the hottest First Kiss on record. It’s one of those rare stories that’s inspiring me to write something new–that hasn’t happened in a while. But of course I have to finish present commitments first. LE SIGH.

What I’m Writing

Just subbed a short story featuring one of my recurring characters, Amy Archer, a wisecracking 1940s private eye in L.A. Am putting the finish on an anthology for Elm Books as well. And am still working on the middle grade mystery about the haunted zoo.

What Else

It was royalty statement day earlier this week, so I got a bit ranty about book pirates. But I’m over it for now.

In other news, looking forward to Halloween, the bestest holiday ever!