New and Shiny!

It’s a strange thing, the idea of new. It really depends on the angle a person is coming from.

Coming soon from Elm Books
Coming soon from Elm Books

I have two new releases coming up in the next few months. First, the latest Elm Books mystery anthology, Death and a Cup of Tea, is scheduled for a Black Friday release. All the words are in place, and it’s just a matter of formatting now. Very exciting. All of the authors were a dream to work with, as was the extraordinarily talented copy editor Mary Ardagna. I think we’re going to have an exceptional collection to present.

Also, Fool’s Gold is coming from BSB, appropriately enough, on April Fool’s Day. I think it’s the best thing I’ve written so far. I’m ridiculously proud of it, and I hope that readers will enjoy it as well. You can read about it, and Ira Adler’s other adventures, on my Books page.

April 1, 2015 from Bold Strokes Books.
April 1, 2015 from Bold Strokes Books.

But although all of these things are so new to everyone outside of Casa Faraday–so new that they’re not even new YET, but WILL BE new at some future point, I’ve been working on them for a long time! So while I’m trembling with excitement over Shiny New Releases, the definition of New, here at Casa Faraday is a bit different.

The Left Hand of Justice available from Bold Strokes Books
The Left Hand of Justice available from Bold Strokes Books

I’m absolutely thrilled to be back in the yoke again–this time, with a new steampunk story. Readers at BentCon and other places have been showing so much love for The Left Hand of Justice, that I’ve decided to get my goggles back on and charge up the vibrasonic rifle–this time in a small college town in coastal California.

And there will be more details on that as the project develops.

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