Visited Port Isaac this morning. Doc Marten is probably the only TV I watch regularly, and it’s filmed there.

Lunch was a very old pub: a cheese and tomato sandwich, the cheese being called YARG and having a crust of stinging nettles. It was delicious and made me happy that a vegetarian can still be a food adventurer.

Am very much looking forward, however, to going to a restaurant and being able to order something that is *not* a cheese sandwich, as well as to eating a four cheese pizza that does not use Cheddar and Stilton as two of the cheeses (as much as I like them).

Lots and lots of cliff-walking is making my legs very muscley. In a good way.

Met another historical mystery writer at the Arthurian Centre yesterday. Serendipity is amazing sometimes. Had a lovely chat, and turned into a most undignified fangirl when he said that he knew Lee Jackson, who *only* happens to run the most complete and useful collection of primary source Victorian materials on teh intarwebz. It reminded me that I still have work to do and should get on with it just a little before I get home =)

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