Garment Rescue 1212

Photo of my jacket hood which was decorative but which is now functional
Sew along with me as I turn pieces languishing in my closet to things that beg to be worn.

Garment Rescue 1212: What Is It?

Like many people, I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that I have always liked, but, for one reason or another, never wear.

So this year, instead of another round of clear-out-and-go-shopping, I’m challenging myself to remake the pieces I don’t wear.

One piece per month for all of 2021.

It’s a chance to learn a few new tailoring techniques and to transform unused items into clothing that will, hopefully, become part of the regular rotation.

So join me!

Here are the rescues so far:

January: Decorative Jacket Hood Becomes Functional

February: Bye Bye Batwings

March: A Most Unfortunate Hemline

April: Springtime Sleep Mask

May: Tell Me Where It Hurts

The covers from three Jess Faraday books: The Fiend in the Fog, Death by Cupcake and Dust to Dust.

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